The most common application for IP rated junction boxes is electrical installation. These electronic enclosures are used to provide a secure space for cable connections through multiple entry points. The purpose of the plastic enclosure in this instance is to provide a safe environment for the electronics but most importantly to shield people and animals from live electrical connections. Our IP rated junction boxes and aluminium enclosures are also used to house control equipment. The styling and design of these IP rated enclosure means they can be used to house buttons, sensors and LCD allowing them to be used as the main control panel enclosure or as signal boxes. When specifying your junction box the install environment should be carefully considered. If the install is outside and exposed to rain you may need to look at IP66 and IP67 enclosures to prevent water ingress. To maintain the seal of your IP rated enclosure we have a wide range of accessories available including wall mounting kits, cable glands and venting plugs. Evatron also offer custom junction boxes customised to your exact requirements including CNC machining, punching, painting, anodising and screen printing. For more information please contact us