Our range of IP rated junction boxes have been designed to withstand demanding environments and provide protection for your electronic devices. It is common for waterproof plastic enclosure to be mounted outside and subjected to dust particles, precipitation and potential tamper. The main purpose of an IP rated enclosure is to provide a secure space for the internal electronics, prevent any ingress and most importantly to shield people and animals from live electrical connections.

As well as manufacturing our own IP65 junction box Evatron are proud distributors of Fibox enclosures, Spelsberg enclosures, Hylec enclosures and Hensel enclosures. These ranges of waterproof electrical enclosures are available in heavy duty ABS and Polycarbonate materials which provide excellent resistance to impact and many achieve a high impact rating of IK08. These waterproof enclosures are typically supplied with a fitted sealing gasket, the complete range of IP66 junction box and IP67 junction box are listed in the below categories

A common application for IP67 rated enclosures is panel electronics for use in industrial applications such as a factory floor. Most commonly a clear lid plastic enclosure will be used to house PCB, switches and din rail enclosure where the components can be protected and closely monitored through the clear window.

We also stock a wide range of cable glands and venting elements designed to allow airflow and cable entry to your waterproof electrical enclosure whilst ensuring the integrity of the seal is not compromised. The importance of using a venting element in watertight enclosures is often overlooked, heat generated inside your enclosure by your electronics coupled with a cool application environment and hermitically sealed junction box can lead to condensation build up internally which can damage your components. Adding a venting element to your plastic junction box can aid the airflow in and out of the box subsequently regulating the internal temperature and reducing the risk of internal damage from condensation build up.

All of our IP65 and IP66 enclosure can be modified to your exact requirements so we can deliver your custom plastic enclosure ready to populate. The services include CNC machining, punching, painting, anodising, digital printing and screen printing. Our experienced sales team are on hand to offer advice and quotations, please contact us by phone on 01908 325100, email sales@evatron.com or chat with us using our live chat service.

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