We offer a wide range of Din Rail enclosures and Din mount enclosures for many applications including HVAC, automation and ventilation with the purpose of providing protection for your electrical equipment such as circuit breakers and power supplies.

The purpose of the Din rail within these enclosures is to provide a secure an organised platform to mount your electronics with the option to easily remove should you find electronics need maintenance or replacing.

Each Din Rail enclosure in this category can be supplied with a Din rail as an accessory or has the item included to complete your assembly.

The complete range is offered with IP rating ranging from IP65-IP67 to protect your electronics from water and dust ingress.

All the IP rated Din rail enclosures can be modified to your exact requirements including CNC machining, RFI shielding and screen printing allowing us to deliver a complete custom sensor enclosure ready to populate with your components.

For further information please see our recent article or send us an email sales@evatron.com call us on 01908 325100 or chat to one of our Din Rail Enclosure experts using our live chat.

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