Our handheld enclosures have been designed with the end user in mind, the size  being a main consideration to allow functional application. Remote control enclosures are used in a variety of applications including medical devices, test equipment, control equipment and can be held by the user for long time periods and so the importance of selecting the ideal ergonomic enclosure is paramount to prevent user fatigue.


Within our ranges you will find IP65 handheld enclosures,  aluminium handheld enclosures and handheld enclosures with battery compartment. The battery compartment enclosures are available with a wide range of options including 2 x AA, 4 x AA, 6 x AA, 1 x 9V and 2 x 9B. The versatility in our range is the main reason we have many returning customers for our modern handheld enclosures.


The MB series is our most popular series thanks to its strength, optional protective boot and optional sealing gasket allowing us to supply watertight handheld enclosures for outdoor applications. These instrument enclosures can withstand high impact from being dropped which is a common hazard with handheld applications.

The remote PP series of hand held enclosures are designed to be highly customisable with a wide range of colours available, these stylish handheld enclosure are pocket sized and come complete with a small internal battery compartment making them a great option for RFID and remote control applications.

All of our handheld ABS box and electronic instrument enclosure can be modified to your exact requirements so we can deliver your custom plastic enclosure ready to populate. The services include CNC machining, punching, painting, anodising, digital printing and screen printing. Our experienced sales team are on hand to offer advice and quotations, please contact us by phone on 01908 325100, email sales@evatron.com or chat with us using our live chat service.

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