Our range of Room Sensor enclosures have been designed with easy install and sleek design in mind.
Each of the products in this range benefit from cable entry in the back of the enclosure and also various wall mounting points which allow the installer to neatly secure to a wall and hide all required cabling.

The enclosures are mostly designed with vents which allow free airflow in and out of the enclosure making them ideal for an extensive use of applications including air sensing, PIR’s and temperature sensing. The design has made them very popular IOT enclosures allowing sensor probes to be installed in heating and lighting systems and monitored remotely in both commercial and domestic environments.

When specifying your room sensor enclosure the install environment should be the first consideration, our range includes vented enclosure, unvented models, snap fit enclosures, low profile sensor enclosure and also Thermostat enclosure.

All the enclosures can be modified to your exact requirements including CNC machining, RFI shielding and screen printing allowing us to deliver a complete custom sensor enclosure ready to populate with your components.

For further information please send us an email sales@evatron.com call us on 01908 325100 or chat to one of our sensor enclosure experts using our live chat.

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