We have a wide range of miniature enclosures and potting boxes available from stock that are all suitable for complete potting or partial potting applications.

These potting box enclosure and small plastic enclosure are designed with high impact resistance and offer protection against dust ingress to small electrical systems.

The RX2000 series are commonly used in IOT applications where size is critical. They come complete with a base, lid and fixings. Black and white variants are available from stock and the complete range is available to mould in an array of custom colours as well as flame retardant materials. These small project enclosures can be potted to offer additional protection against dust, moisture and static interference.

The RX3000 series of flanged potting boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and feature the same benefits as the RX2000 enclosures with the added benefit easy wall mounting. An additional benefit with the flanged plastic enclosure is once they are mounted to the wall the screw holes used to access the enclosure are flush to the wall making these small flanged enclosures tamper proof too.

All of our potting boxes and small plastic enclosures can be modified to your exact requirements so we can deliver you a final product ready to populate. The services include CNC machining, punching, painting, anodising, digital printing and screen printing. Our experienced sales team are on hand to offer advice and quotations, please contact us by phone on 01908 325100, email sales@evatron.com or chat with us using our live chat service.

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