Sometimes it is not possible to find an ‘off the shelf’ enclosure that completely meets the size or design requirements of our customers.  This is not a problem, because Evatron can offer a tooling/moulding service for customers who want to create an enclosure designed to their own unique specifications. Working with our manufacturing plant based in China, we will provide a quotation for the tooling and moulding of your case to your drawings.  In addition, we can silk screen for you at the point of manufacture, to reduce your costs even further.  Our experienced Sales Team provide friendly help and advice throughout the process, so to discuss your project and get a quotation call us on +44 (0) 1908 675121 or email


Recent Special Orders

UZBee ZigBee USB dongle

  • USB to ZigBee Interface
  • 2.4GHz IEEE 802.15.4 RF module
  • PIC18LF4550 USB microcontroller
  • FCC / CE compliant
  • Signature ‘G’ antenna, free-space range 120m, compact, low ‘hand-effect’ design
  • Reflashable with Flexipanel USBootTM technology
  • Pushbutton and Status LED

UZBee uses FlexiPanel’s USBootTM technology. This allows the firmware to be changed via the USB port without any specialist programming equipment. OEMs wishing to customize UZBee can program the onboard PIC18LF4550 microcontroller as required. The Free Microchip Stack for ZigBee is available for use with this product, although the entire full function stack will not fit on-board. Please contact Flexipanel for further details.






The Proxima Security Case is designed for the covert transportation of cash or valuables with the ability to render it’s contents useless by degradation after activation.

  • It compromises a receiver built into a case and connected to an audible warning device and a cash degradation device.
  • It is activated either automatically with a proximity transmitter or manually using a key-fob press button transmitter (panic transmitter).
  • There are no indications on the outside of the case that it is an alarmed case.
  • There is a charging socket for maintaining the internal battery pack. This is located on the back of the case below the hinge.



Custom Machining

shutterstock_196793492When you buy an ‘off the shelf’ enclosure, you will almost certainly need to customise the case with holes, cut outs or vents.  In addition, you will possibly need instructions and your logo silk screened onto the case and maybe you will need to protect your equipment from interference with RFI/EMC shielding.

Metal enclosures can be powder coated to your colour choice and holes punched out as required.

We are happy to quote for one or all of your customisation needs.  It will save you time and money to have the work done at the point of supply, so next time you order, why not ask us to quote – even small quantities for prototyping or pre-production runs are relatively low cost.  We offer a full customisation service enabling you to adapt our products to meet your specific needs. Call us on +44 (0)1908 675121 or email: to find out more about this service.


Screen Printing or Labels

If you need to add text, a logo or image to your enclosures, we offer a high quality silk screen printing service.  Any shape or size can be printed to develop a unique and professional result.  Registration of colours on awkward shapes is not a problem and small quantities or pre-production runs can be supplied at very competitive prices.

We can also provide labels using a range of materials, technologies and techniques.  The majority of colour systems or sample swatches can be matched.  We are happy to quote for silk screen printing or labels, you can call us to discuss on +44 (0) 1908 675121 or email

Be a Distributor in your Country!

If you would like to distribute our enclosures in your Country, please email us with the name of your company, address, contact name and phone number to: