There are many advantages to using aluminium enclosures including the ability to withstand high temperatures, natural corrosion resistance and high impact resistance. Evatron offer a range of diecast aluminium enclosures designed to withstand tough environments. They can achieve IP68 rating and withstand temperatures up to 260°C  making them ideal for salt water and extreme temperature applications.

Our range of aluminium handheld enclosures have been designed with aesthetics and ergonomics in mind whilst delivering high temperature and impact resistance. Handheld enclosures are most commonly used in remote applications.

Aluminium has low electrical conductivity properties and good resistance to magnetic force which help to shield against RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMF (electromagnetic frequency) making aluminium an excellent material choice for handheld applications.

Evatron also offer custom aluminium enclosures customised to your exact requirements including CNC machining, punching, painting, anodising and screen printing.

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