Our range of Aluminium enclosures have been designed with versatility and customisation in mind.
There are many advantages to using a metal enclosure and particularly aluminium when you consider the material is light weight and strong against impact. In addition aluminium enclosures have the ability to withstand a broad range of temperatures and have excellent corrosion and solvent resistance.

We offer an extensive range of fully customisable aluminium extrusions available and they are used favourably in many industries including automotive, communications and more commonly associated with high spec audio equipment. We offer off the shelf sizes and also the ability to cut your extruded aluminium enclosure to the exact length required for your application. We can also offer our CNC machining, anodising and printing service allowing us to deliver a complete custom aluminium extrusion.

We also have a wide range of Die Cast aluminium enclosures to offer with IK08 impact rating. These IP66 Diecast aluminium enclosures can also have the IP rating increased to IP67 or IP68 depending on your requirement with the use of a custom sealing kit, please talk to our sales team for more information. Typical usage for these enclosures include industrial controls, entry system controls and keypads. They come painted with a hard anodised sea water resistant coating which means they are also well suited to a wide range of salt water applications.

Evatron offer a complete customisation service so we can deliver you a final product ready to populate. The services include CNC machining, punching, painting, anodising, digital printing and screen printing. Our experienced sales team are on hand to offer advice and quotations, please contact us by phone on 01908 325100, email sales@evatron.com or chat with us using our live chat service.

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