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We supply a wide range of enclosure products to suit a variety of applications, and in most cases, CNC machining will be required to tailor the product and accommodate your PCB, controls, displays and ventilation.

Our complete CNC machining service allows us to deliver enclosures modified to your exact specifications. Our experienced engineers work with the latest equipment ensuring the products are completed quickly, without defect and within the tolerance of your drawing.

Many factors including material and equipment degradation need to be considered before any modifications are completed, different materials react differently to the CNC process and the melting temperature, cooling method and working speed can all affect the finish and accuracy of the completed product. Failing to consider material limitations can lead to melting and deformation of the products increasing waste, lead time and costs.

Thanks to the knowledge of our engineers and machinery we offer machining on a large scale as well as small prototyping runs allowing you to gauge suitability before larger production.

Further customisation options are available including screen printing, RFI Shielding and custom tooling/moulding for greater volumes. Please email or call +44 (0)1908 325100 for more information.

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