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Din rail enclosures, also known as DIN rail mount enclosures, are specialised enclosures designed to incorporate a DIN rail. A DIN rail is a standardised metal rail that is widely used in industrial control systems and automation applications to securely mount various types of electrical equipment. Din rails are typically made of metal, such as aluminium or steel, and are designed to provide protection for electrical components and devices that are mounted on the DIN rail. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to accommodate different types of equipment and applications.

Din rail enclosures are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and energy. They are commonly used to protect and organise control panels, power supplies, circuit breakers, and other electrical components in industrial environments. They are also used in commercial and residential settings to organise and protect electrical equipment, such as lighting systems and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

One of the main advantages of din rail enclosures is that they provide a secure and organised way to mount electrical equipment on a DIN rail. This is important in industrial environments where equipment is subject to vibration, dust, and other harsh conditions. The enclosures protect the equipment from damage and provide a convenient way to access and service the equipment. They also make it easy to add or remove equipment from the DIN rail as needed.

Another advantage of din rail enclosures is that many are designed to meet various industry standards, such as NEMA and IP ratings. NEMA ratings specify the level of protection provided by an enclosure against environmental conditions, such as dust and water ingress. IP ratings specify the level of protection provided by an enclosure against solid objects and liquids. By meeting these standards, din rail enclosures ensure that the equipment inside is protected to the appropriate level for the intended application.

We offer a wide range of Din Rail enclosures including high spec IP67 Din rail enclosures, low-cost din rail enclosures, modular component enclosures and cabinet enclosures. Our complete range can be customised to your exact requirements including CNC machining, Screen printing and RFI shielding. Please contact a member of our sales teams via email, by phone 01908 325100 or use our live chat service. Our experienced friendly team are on hand to help find the perfect din rail enclosure product for your application.