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With over 1900 plastic enclosure products and accessories available for Evatron Plastic Enclosures we offer a wide range to help you produce innovative and user friendly devices for medical applications.

Plastic enclosures are used in a variety of medical applications including nurse call systems, occupancy detection systems, remote control, alarms and many IOT applications.

Handheld enclosures for Medical Devices

Our handheld enclosure for medical applications are commonly utilised in nurse call systems for a variety of reasons. Firstly, ergonomic design is of paramount importance ensuring that each user can comfortably, safely and confidently hold the enclosure and effectively operate your products features. Plastic is highly mouldable and we offer a myriad of handheld enclosures for medical devices with curved edges making them easy to hold and operate in the palm of a hand. To maximise the usability many come complete with a recess in the top face allowing membrane keypad and your controls to be easily applied. Handheld enclosures for nurse call systems must also be durable and offer a high degree of protection to safeguard the user and also protect the electronics from damage including water ingress, dust ingress and impact. We offer handheld enclosures complete with IP and IK ratings to ensure the internal electronics are kept safe and shielded from damage to help guarantee your products reliable functionality and safety of the end user.

IOT medical devices are now used in healthcare for a number of reasons including asset tracking, occupancy sensing and wearables for fall detection.

Plastic enclosures for access tracking devices

Asset tracking enclosures for medical devices are designed to track important medical equipment so it can be quickly located and utilised by medical professionals. This is commonly utilised with the addition of a small IOT enclosure fitted to a trolley, moveable carts or even hospital beds.

Plastic enclosures for occupancy sensing devices

IOT enclosures are also used for occupancy sensing applications, health care facilities are an around the clock operation where good lighting is crucial for patient comfort and most importantly safe treatment however vast areas of these facilities are not in use at all times. In this instance a plastic enclosure occupancy sensor can be used to monitor and even control the lighting systems so only in use areas are illuminated and subsequently reducing operational costs and environmental impact. The most common areas for install of a plastic occupancy sensor are Bathrooms, Stairwells, Private offices/Exam Rooms and low-traffic corridors.

Wearable enclosures for medical devices

Wearable enclosures for medical devices are often utilised outside of the of care environment in the home setting as fall detection devices. The wearable enclosure will be mounted on a wrist strip or lanyard and worn by an individual, in the event the user falls these wearable enclosures contain technology that can alert family members or alert a 24-hour monitoring that somethings wrong so rapid response and help can be actioned.

Enclosure customisation

With any plastic enclosure for medical device it is highly likely some modifications to the enclosure will be required, we have facilities to complete CNC machining, Screen printing, Digital printing, RFI Shielding and creation of labels/membranes. These services coupled with our range allow us to deliver your product complete with company branding and operation details direct into your production line and ready to house your electronics.