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Need an IP rated junction box for washdown applications?

Using high pressure jets and chemicals to clean is typically referred to as a washdown and this is commonplace in food preparation areas and agriculture. These applications usually have sophisticated automated systems with an array of electronic equipment that must be kept safe.

An IP rated junction box should be used to house the electronics and protect the electronics from damage, ensuring the safety of operators and minimising the risk of costly damages and down time.

When siting your plastic enclosures in a washdown area you should familiarise yourself with IP ratings to ensure the correct enclosure and protection level is selected. The pressure of the water, direction of spray, potential submersion and water temperature should all be considered. Please take a look at our IP ratings explained for more details.



We can supply a wide range of IP rated junction box all fitted with a sealing gasket to help prevent water and dust ingress during washdown but the gasket alone should not be the only consideration. Most likely you will need some kind of cable entry or wall mounting in your application and it is important that while you are selecting your plastic enclosures you find a cable gland that matches the minimum IP rating required. There are various wall mounting options available but maintaining the integrity of the enclosure seal in a washdown environment is paramount and we recommend choosing an enclosure where the wall mounting clips and fixings points are positioned outside the enclosure gasket.

In terms of water and dust ingress the weakest point of a plastic enclosure will always be the case opening and any further apertures that are cut for components and cable entry. Keeping these additional case openings to a minimum is wise and so common practice for applications where there is a display that needs to be monitored is for the consumer to consider using a clear lid plastic enclosure so display is not obscured minimising the need for large cut outs and frequent opening on the enclosure.

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