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Extruded Aluminium Enclosures

These high quality aluminium enclosures are suitable for a wide range of applications – hand held use, wall mounted or stand alone.

Our range of aluminium extrusions is a popular option for many customers as they offer a sleek industrial design combined with ease of use and many customising options. The range consists of three types: The REAS, REBS and RECS enclosures. Each of these prefixes indicates the width and height of the extrusion and is then followed by a numerical value which indicates the length and in turn dictates the part number eg REAS80. Their is an optional gasket that can be fitted to achieve an IP65 rating and the inclusion of washers under the screw heads of the RE Series raises the rating of the gasket set to IP66. The RE series also has an array of accessories for improving the aesthetics of the product such as bezels and also more functional accessories such as wall mounts. We stock the RE range in three standard lengths for each series however we are able have the extrusion cut to custom lengths as required.

In addition we can arrange for the cases to be milled, anodised in your chosen colour and have your company logo printed or engraved too. Common applications for this series are for Headphone Amplifiers such as the EPH-02 manufactured by Epiphany Acoustics.

We also stock a wide range of handheld aluminium enclosures such as the 50 series. This particular handheld is available in six different sizes and two different colours (black and grey). It features a lid made from ABS on each side of the enclosure which will also accommodate a gasket to provide an IP65 seal, this makes it suitable for many applications both inside and outside. With optional battery compartments available and a recessed area on each side to fit a screen, membrane or keypad they are proving to be a popular handheld option.

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