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Venting elements also known as breather plugs are now available to purchase from our online shop.

When considering which enclosure is suitable for an application heavy focus is paid to the IP rating and making sure that the electronics and components are kept safe from dust and water entering the enclosure. The importance of air circulation and venting elements is often overlooked.

IP rated enclosure are often situated in areas where they are susceptible to varying temperatures. As temperature changes, the air inside an enclosure can expand and contract drawing moisture filled air into the enclosure which can lead to condensation accumulating inside.

Venting elements are designed to allow the enclosure to breathe whilst maintain the integrity of the IP rating. The vent can be easily installed in the enclosure wall using a machined hole, once the vent is installed securely the IP rating of the enclosure is restored and air can pass freely through the vent. This is an effective method for regulating the internal temperature and pressure within the enclosure preventing condensation build up and protecting your electronics.

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