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Custom Enclosures

Once you have found the ideal enclosure for your application it is common that some customisation will be required to accommodate your branding but most importantly the electronics inside. We can offer a complete customisation service including CNC machining, silk screening, label printing, painting and RFI shielding.

Our CNC machining service allows you to cut apertures for connectors, cable entry, LED and keypads. There are no MOQ’s for the service and pricing depends on quantity ordered, number of apertures and complexity of the job. The advantage to using our service is that the complete units are delivered direct to you reducing build time, scrap and subsequently saving money.

The silk screening and label printing allows you to add company branding and operational features to the enclosures. This process is carried out after the enclosures have been machined allowing us to line up text with the holes in the enclosure perfectly. The best results for silk screening are achieved on flush enclosures whereas labels are best suited to enclosures with a recess. This service is again offered with no MOQ and pricing is dependant on the quantity ordered, number of colours present in the artwork and the overall complexity.

Some electronic equipment can suffer from EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI (radio frequency interference) a solution is to coat the internal surfaces with a metal layer. The internal surfaces of the enclosures are coated with a metal loaded paint, this coating will act to suppress emissions and prevent interference.

It is not always possible to find an off the shelf enclosure that suits your requirements. Some applications will require specific materials, colours and unique enclosure styling and in this instance custom moulding should be considered. We can offer a tooling and moulding service for customers who need an enclosure designed to their own unique specifications. Working with our manufacturing plant based in China, we will provide a quotation for the tooling and moulding of your case to your drawings.

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